Product review for the JAMBO-Anchor from Dr. Manuel Marinelli


For its outstanding quality and function, the "Croatian Register of Shipping" has been awarded the highest certification of a "HIGH HOLDING POWER ANCHOR" to the Jambo anchor.




The flukes are well separated which prevents the Jambo-Anchor from falling over. The complete weight of the anchor passes directly onto the spiked tips acting in a similar manner to the cast iron anchors of larger ships. On the outer edges of the flukes... more

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Berlin Boot&Fun (29. November - 2. December 2018)

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Magdeboot (15.-17. March 2019)


New owner of "Jambo-Anker"

In December 2016 the inventor of the Jambo anchor, Mr. DI Michael Waltl from Graz, handed over the distribution of the Jambo anchor including all rights and patents for age reasons